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5 Benefits of Installing Keyless Locks on Your Home

5 Benefits of Installing Keyless Locks on Your Home

schlage keyless door locks and handlesFor a lot of people, the one thing that stops someone from getting into your home or business is a single key. Keys can be lost, copied, stolen, etc. making them no longer safe. Keyless locks are a great way to go around the potential risks of a key, and have added benefits as well.

1. You don’t need keys!

If it was not already obvious, this is huge. Having no key to your house makes it a lot easier and safer to leave and enter your house. No need to have to bring keys with you, which increases their chances of getting stolen or lost. You also won’t have to fumble around with your keys when you get to your door, which is especially helpful if you have a lot of keys.

2. It’s safer and more secure than a traditional lock.

One of the biggest reasons that a keyless lock is more safe is attributed to one simple fact: You can’t pick a lock that has no keyhole. It is incredibly easy to lockpick a door or use a special tool called a “bump key” in order to open a lock. Someone who has done it enough times can do it in minutes. Without a keyhole, this option is completely removed from the burglar’s arsenal, meaning they will have to resort to much louder and riskier methods, something that will most likely just cause them to move on to the next house.

3. You don’t have to be at your home to let someone in.

There are many situations that this could be extremely useful in. For example, if you had a friend who arrived a bit early to your house while you were still away, you can simply tell or text them the code so that they can let themselves in. Another scenario is if you were on vacation or away and needed your neighbor to help you with something, whether it be feeding your pets or making sure you turned off the lights.

4. Installation is easy.

Contrary to popular belief, keyless lock systems require no wiring since most keyless locks are powered by a battery which lasts up to three years in some cases. This means that you won’t be locked out when the power goes out, and it makes the installation of a keyless lock incredibly easy.

5. You can change the code at any time.

While this is especially important for businesses, it can also be something that applies to your home. From a business standpoint, say you had to let go of an employee, and it wasn’t on good terms- you can easily just change the code on the door so that the old employee can’t even attempt at breaking in as revenge. While this might seem like a rare scenario, it is something to note as a benefit. For the home, you could change codes after you let someone like a painter or plumber into your house.

While a keyless lock can seem like an odd thing to add to your home or business, the benefits are amazing and very convenient.

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