5 Ways to Avoid Package Theft this Holiday Season

5 Ways to Avoid Package Theft this Holiday Season

Avoid Package Theft this Holiday SeasonGetting your gifts organized for the holiday season is stressful enough without needing to worry about package theft. Sadly, package thefts see a massive uptake during the holiday season for obvious reasons – it’s the busiest time of the year for packages being delivered.

Opportunistic thieves are always on the lookout for packages being left on the porch, behind your planters, or somewhere else on the property. Plus, with everyone working hard throughout the holidays, packages are often left unattended for several hours, leading many to be stolen before you even have the chance to receive them.

Thankfully, it is possible to completely avoid package theft during the holiday season, just follow the tips below and you’ll never need to worry about it again!

1. Track the package so you can be home
Tracking numbers are available for most online orders and they are a great tool for avoiding theft. Simply request a tracking number and then use this to see exactly when your package is arriving, then make sure you or someone you know is home to receive it. Also, try to anticipate the days you will be home when placing orders to further increase the chances of being home.

2. Request signatures for all deliveries
Packages cannot be left outside a home when you request a signature for their delivery. This does mean you need to be there to accept the package and sign for it, but it also means you never need to worry about it being left unattended and possibly stolen.

3. Leave special delivery requests
If you are confident that you have a good hiding spot for packages outside your home then leave delivery instructions if possible. For example, FedEx’s Delivery Manager service allows you to customize various aspects of your deliveries, including leaving delivery instructions.

So, if you want the package to be hidden somewhere specific like behind a plant pot or in your backyard, simply leave the instructions and they will make sure it’s delivered accordingly!

4. Get packages delivered to a different address
If you know you won’t be home during delivery times – such as being at work – then it may be a good idea to get the packages delivered elsewhere. Simply ask to deliver your package to the home of a friend, relative, or neighbor that will be home and you never need to worry about it being stolen.

5. Deliver packages to lockers or stores
Many top online retailers have other delivery options that avoid the risk of package theft, such as collecting items in-store or at special lockers. For instance, Amazon now has thousands of collection lockers all across the country where your package can be collected from a locker using a special code.
Similarly, many of the top retailers allow you to collect parcels from the nearest brick-and-mortar stores using in-store pick up services. This isn’t just a good way to keep packages safe from theft but often saves you on delivery charges too!

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