How Should I Pick a Locksmith?

How Should I Pick a Locksmith?


A locksmith is something that you never really think about needing until, well… you do need one. The worst part about needing a locksmith, is that by the time you need it, you probably don’t want to take time to consider your options. You just want to get back into your car or house as soon as possible. Doing research is good, it allows you to get the best quality of service, and the best job for your money.

First of all, if you are locked out of a car, you can call your emergency roadside assistance company and see if your package includes either a free locksmith or a reimbursement. Sometimes these packages include the ability to get the locksmith to unlock your house’s door, however it really differs based on your plan.

If you are locked out in an emergency situation, then you might want to call the first locksmith you find. However, in pretty much any other case you should do some research:

  1. Try calling family and friends: Ask them whether or not they have used a locksmith before, and whether or not they would recommend them to you. Ask if they remembered the cost of the service, if they were friendly, etc.
  2. Research on the internet: Search for the best locksmith in your area. A simple search like: “Best Locksmith in San Bernardino” can show you the companies and services that have been reviewed by other people. You can read what they have to say and use that information to make an educated and informed decision.

how do I choose a locksmith in inland empire

A common scam that happens in the locksmithing business is that locksmith companies will write their address in an business directory as close to major cities, when in reality they may very well be far away. When you call, they might give you a price point for one number, but since they are so far away they will add the cost of travel on afterwards, making you bill much higher than before. Always try to find out where their business really is. One other thing you should check, no matter the type of work, is that the person doing the work has the correct insurance for the job.

A good tip for after this is all over, (or even before it starts) is that you should have a list of services that you might need one day. You wouldn’t want to hire an electrician or a house cleaner without looking into your options would you? However in emergency situations, sometimes we are forced to. Do your research on every major professional you might need in the future: an electrician, a plumber, a locksmith, etc. Keep that list somewhere handy, and maybe even in a few different places. (In your wallet, house, car, purse, etc.) Alternatively it is also good to store it in your phone and other electronic devices to have it with you everywhere you could possibly be.

Whoever you end up hiring, make sure you understand exactly what all the costs will be involved in the process. You want to make sure you don’t get scammed or lied to no matter the service.

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