3 Major Developments in Key Technology Over the Years

3 Major Developments in Key Technology Over the Years

3-major-developments-in-key-technology-over-the-yearsThere are very few, if any, industries that have not seen major developments due to improvements in technology. Home security is no different, with locksmiths through the world developing new skills and practices to match the impact of continually advancing technology.

Most of these developments have been a blessing, making the lives of locksmiths so much easier by allowing them to become more efficient and productive in various facets of their work. Additionally, homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in the latest and most innovative key technology that allows their home to be even more secure.

Let’s take a look at 3 major developments in key technology over recent years:

1. Smart Locks

While mechanical locks will remain a fixture in homes and businesses for some time, there are developments that have allowed the industry to make them even more practical for consumers by embracing smart technology.

Smart locks are the locks of tomorrow available today, and more and more people are looking to invest in these innovative devices. In fact, some locksmiths can even upgrade mechanical deadbolts to a wireless system without having to replace anything.

Using an electromagnetic locking system that is activated by an electronic device such as a smartphone, computer, or remote control, doors can now be opened by a single button while providing an unpickable lock that only improves security.

2. Keyless Locks

An advancement that has been utilized for some time in other industries, namely automotive manufacturing, keyless lock systems have reduced the reliance of physical keys by replacing them with other remote devices such as fobs or cards.

While certainly convienent, remote controls still get lost and when this occurs a locksmith with the necessary knowledge of keyless locks will be needed.

Many have decided to specialize in keyless lock systems for both homes and vehicles (known as auto locksmiths), offering the likes of emergency access, replacements, and installations for anyone making use of this newer technology.

3. High Security Keys

Perhaps one of the most impressive developments for mechanical keys over the years is high security variations.

Developments in key technology have resulted in highly specialised key cutting machines that require specific software and licensing to manufacture high security keys, while locksmiths producing these keys require lots of experience.

These types of keys offer higher levels of security (hence the name) when compared to a domestic key and lock system, including a copyright feature to prevent unauthorized copies of the key and manipulation/destruction resistance.

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