4 Great Home Security Gift Ideas

4 Great Home Security Gift Ideas

4-great-home-security-gift-ideasLooking to give a fantastic gift this year but are stuck for ideas? Then why not give the gift of security? For those people in your life that love to feel as safe as possible, buying a home security gift is always a great idea, and there are many great options available.

1. Home Safe

Home security doesn’t always mean locks, cameras, and alarms, sometimes a quality safe is more than enough to provide a sound peace of mind. Safes come in many varieties, so there are plenty of awesome products to choose from, from robust freestanding safes to subtle diversion safes.

These are perfect for keeping valuables safe and secure even in the event of a break-in. You can store anything of value in a safe, making them a very thoughtful gift, especially if you buy it for someone knowing they have something of great value to store (e.g. grandmother’s jewelry, old photographs, birth certificates etc.)

2. Smart Locks

A great home security gift for tech savvy people, smart locks are a recent innovation that are becoming increasingly popular. They connect to smartphone devices, allowing people to use their phones to unlock and lock their doors, as well as sending alerts regarding potential security breaches and keeping track of who has entered the home using the lock.

Other handy features include providing guests with digital keys via their phone. This is great for allowing friends or family into the home when nobody is in to do so, highlighting one of the many ways that smart locks can be a very useful addition to home security.

3. Smart Doorbell

Much like smart locks, smart doorbells make a great home security gift thanks to their awesome technology. Essentially, they work like a small security camera for your front door, allowing users to check a live video feed from their phone to see who is visiting their home.

Connected to smartphones for easy usability, they come with a range of handy features that can make a home feel more secure. For example, most include some form of intercom system such as two-way talk to speak to the person at the door, while other common features include motion detection, infrared for visibility during the night, and video recording that can be reviewed later.

4. Security Camera

Home security cameras have come a long way in recent years, now offering things like HD recording, smartphone compatibility, and even facial recognition. Many great cameras can be purchased for reasonable prices and are simple enough to set up, not requiring any hard wiring to the home.

Again, the ability to work in tandem with smartphones and other digital devices makes security cameras even more efficient. They can send notifications, provide live feeds, and be controlled remotely, resulting in a comprehensive security system that makes for a fantastic gift idea.

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