4 Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Christmas Lights

4 Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Christmas Lights

christmas-light-decorating-for-your-homeWithout Christmas lights, the Christmas season would just not be the same. You don’t necessarily have to decorate your trees with them. You can use Christmas lights of all sizes and shapes to decorate your entire home by placing the lights in different locations and give it a perfect holiday theme. By using your unique decoration ideas with these amazing lights you can make your home the talk of the neighborhood this Christmas.

There is so much you can do with Christmas lights when it comes to decorating your home. Following are some ideas:

1. Curtain of Lights

By setting up a curtain of lights, you can make your plain exterior wall look much more magical. You can use any color you like. Even classic white-colored Christmas lights will give an amazing look. However, it is recommended to use multi-colored lights as it will make the wall look more lively and fun. Not only will these lights make your exterior wall look good, you will also be able to use that wall for creative activities i.e. photo shoots. Furthermore, you can also set it up as a real curtain for windows of your house.

2. Web of Lights

Another great idea to decorate your house is to create a web of Christmas lights by placing the lights in a certain pattern. You can place the web of lights on top of the high or small shrubs, around a tree, or even just on the door. A similar design idea is to arrange the lights in such a way that the entire set looks like a bright colorful fishnet, ready to be easily hung on a wall or placed on top of a surface.

3. Fountain of Lights

If you have a fountain in your garden or outside your house, it would be a cool decoration for the holiday if you install Christmas lights around it. Doing this will create an illusion of lights being magically played with the water. Furthermore, it will also provide an amazing view of the beautiful architecture of the fountain and create a delightful scenery at night.

Apart from the fountain of lights, you can set up Christmas lights near any kind of water work in your home, for example, a pond. Colorful lighting around your pond will make the entire area magical. The visual effect of combined lights and water is perfectly fascinating, particularly if you choose the color of the lights creatively and carefully.

4. Christmas Characters

It is very appealing to use Christmas lights to make colorful images of various characters of Christmas, for example, Santa Claus, angels, as well as some Christmas images such as bells, etc. Children passing by your home will definitely love it. Furthermore, you can use Christmas lights to create an image of the holy family. By making the lights come and go, you can create a visual story, thus creating various images with each blinking to present different scenes of the story.

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