4 Places You Can Hide an Extra Key in Case You Lock Yourself Out of Your Car

4 Places You Can Hide an Extra Key in Case You Lock Yourself Out of Your Car

4-places-you-can-hide-an-extra-key-in-case-you-lock-yourself-out-of-your-carMany people choose to hide a spare key for their car should they accidently lock themselves out. It certainly can be a lifesaver in those rare occasions where you lock yourself out of the car, which happens more than most people assume, but it is very important that you hide the key somewhere that only you can find.

Here’s 4 places you can hide an extra key in case your lock yourself out of your car:

1. On the car

Now, this may sound impossible but there is a trick to hiding a key on the car itself. It involves buying a magnetic box (often known as a hide-a-key box) that will securely attach itself to part of the vehicle, typically beneath the car in most cases.

However, this may be too obvious, and some thieves are well aware of this tactic, so you may want to be a little more creative when hiding it on your car. The overall size and shape of your car will influence the best places to hide it using a magnetic box. You can use some duct tape if you’re in a pinch – just remember that tape isn’t as secure!

2. Purse/Wallet

If you are the type of person that always has their wallet or purse on them when they leave and enter the car, then it could be a suitable spot for hiding a spare key. It’s just important not to leave them in the car for obvious reasons!

As most people pick up their personal items such as handbags first when leaving a vehicle, hiding a key there can be useful for those occasions when you leave and forget to take the key out of the ignition.

3. With Someone You Trust

While not technically a place to hide your extra key, giving it to someone you trust (e.g. partner, sibling, parent, co-worker, friend, neighbor etc.) is one of the best ways to ensure you always have access to a spare car key.

Not only is there no chance of being found by someone else, but they may even be able to come give it to you, which is handy if you get locked out somewhere away from your home.

4. Safe Deposit Box

Well-hidden and completely secure, a safe deposit box is a great choice for stashing your extra car key. Of course, the main drawback is that you might get locked out some distance away from the deposit box, but for most people it’s a minor inconvenience for getting back into their car without having to call a locksmith or break a window.

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