4 Ways to Tell When it’s Time to Change Your Home’s Locks

4 Ways to Tell When it’s Time to Change Your Home’s Locks

time-to-change-your-locksMost homeowners do not consider changing their homes’ locks unless something occurs that causes it to be an emergency. However, all things in the world have limited lifespan, their lifespan is considered good at times, and there comes a time when they deteriorate, and the locks are no exception.

In addition to broken locks, there are various other reasons why you should change your locks often to ensure that your home is secured. Following are 4 most common situations where you should consider changing your home’s locks:

1. Deterioration of Existing Locks

As mentioned before, nothing lasts forever and locks are no exception. No matter what durable material they are made from, the locks deteriorate with the passage of time. Although, a good thing about the locks is that they don’t simply die out on you suddenly, instead they age slowly. Because of this reason, you have an option to replace them even before they get broken or jammed.

There are certain warning signs that indicate the deterioration of locks such as difficulty in opening locks even when using the right key, or unlocking them by simply jiggling the handle forcefully, etc. These signs indicate that it’s the right time to change the locks. Replacing them on time will prevent issues in the future when you are locked out of your home or lock jams at the most inconvenient of times.

2. Moving into A New Home

Calling a locksmith to inspect and replace all the locks should be your number one priority when you move into a new home. It does not in any way indicates that you trust the old owners, it’s simply a measure of precaution.

3. Changing of Household Help

If you gave a spare key to a baby sitter, gardener, maid, or house sitter, then it’s a good idea to replace the locks in the home once you change household help or let them go. Even if you have already taken back the keys before they left, there’s always a possibility that they have had it duplicated. It is recommended to change/replace the locks immediately to ensure your home’s safety, particularly if you did not part ways peacefully.

4. Lost Keys

No explanation is required as to why changing locks is recommended if you ever lose your keys outside your home. Do not simply ignore and assume that you just misplaced your keys. If your keys are on a keychain that has your nametag, address, and phone number, then you should be really worried because it is a huge security risk. So, you should not waste any moment and call a locksmith to change your home’s locks.

An average person cannot simply tell when it’s time to change door locks. It is a major reason why it is recommended to call an expert locksmith for your lock changing needs. An experienced locksmith will tell you right away if it’s time to replace your home’s locks.

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