4 Ways to Prevent Forced Entries Through Your Home’s Doors

4 Ways to Prevent Forced Entries Through Your Home’s Doors

4-ways-to-prevent-forced-entries-through-your-homes-doorsForced entries are a common cause of break-ins, with kicking in a door being among the most widely used methods. Unfortunately, it is relatively easy for a man of average strength to forcefully kick open a door, meaning your home could be at risk.

Therefore, it is very important to take some additional steps to prevent forced entries through your home’s doors. Thankfully, it is a relatively simple process that can be achieved through various means, any of which will strengthen your door and reduce the risk of forced entries.

1. Reinforce the door frame

Most door frames feature a basic wood casting that is fitted using small screws and nails. This makes them surprisingly easy to force open, as wooden door casings tend to break under pressure, such as a being kicked at full force.

So, by adding a strike plate to door casing, you can seriously improve the strength of the door frame, making it almost impossible to force open. Better still, attach using the longest screws possible and drill them into the studs of the frame, as this makes it even more secure.

2. Add a Deadbolt

Any door that doesn’t feature a deadbolt is always more likely to be forced open. Deadbolts are a great addition to any door, especially those made from heavy, robust metals. Look for a deadbolt that is at least one inch long, although going bigger is always better for additional security!

Plus, this is a very minor investment, even when purchasing a premium deadbolt, so it’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve door security.

3. Secure Door Hinges

Most homes have doors that swing inwards, meaning the door hinges are found on the inside. Sadly, there are some that are the opposite, so if your door opens outwards you should seriously consider changing the hinges, as they will be exposed to the exterior of the home making them more at risk.

Exterior hinges can be tampered with, making forced entry that much easier. Even interior hinges that are compromised increase the chances of a door being forced open, so always try to reinforce them using safety studs and setscrews.

4. Regular Maintenance

A simple yet effective way to reduce the risk of a forced entry is to keep the doors well maintained. It couldn’t be easier to do either, so be sure to take the time to inspect the overall condition of the door.

Check for signs of decay and general wear and tear on the frame and door, as this makes them easier to break through. Check hinges, bolts, and locks as well, cleaning and oiling as needed. Plus, a little bit of paint goes a long way, as a well-maintained door is always less appealing for burglars than one in poor condition.

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