4 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Secure Fortress

4 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Secure Fortress

4-Ways-to-Turn-Your-Home-into-a-Secure-FortressIf there is one thing everyone wants, it’s a safe and secure home. Regardless of location, there is always a chance that your home could fall victim to an attempted break-in, and this is something that no one ever wishes to encounter.

Unfortunately, the possibility will always remain, so it makes sense to make the extra effort to ensure your home is fully protected from such an incident. On the plus side, there’s plenty of ways to turn your home into the secure fortress you want it to be.

1. Get High Security Locks Installed

One of the best places to start when looking to increase the security of your home is to upgrade the locks. High security locks will be impossible to pick with common tools and can withstand massive amounts of force – perfect for preventing criminals breaking down your doors and gaining access.

Another overlooked aspect regarding common locks is how easy it is to duplicate the key. This isn’t the case with high security locks, as these cannot be easily replicated at a common hardware store or by a locksmith, as most lack the sophisticated key-cutting machinery that is required.

2. Invest in a Safe for Your Valuables

Should anyone attempt to break into your home, they are likely looking for valuable goods to steal. This is the reason that the majority of break-ins will occur in an unoccupied house – the burglars are looking to acquire your goods without the risk of getting caught!

Investing in a secure home safe will ensure that even in the worst-case scenario of a break-in, your valuable items are sufficiently protected.

Thieves are opportunistic, so they will look to grab valuables in plain sight. But if your jewellery, money, and other important valuables are all locked behind a safe, you can be sure most robbers won’t want to risk spending the time it takes to break into it.

3. Consider Getting Cameras

Any form of security camera installed on the exterior of your home acts as a massive deterrent against would-be criminals considering a break-in. They also offer great personal security, as most modern systems can be easily viewed on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Better still, invest in cameras with additional features such as infrared (which is admittedly costlier) or motion detection to offer the next-level of security. Should anyone attempt to enter your home, you will have recorded footage of the incident!

4. Add Motion-Sensor Lights

Motion-sensor lights are a simple yet effective way to enhance the security of your home. The best locations to add these kinds of lights is near any entrances, exits or poorly lit outdoor areas (doors, porches, front and back yards).

A large number of intruders will completely avoid being exposed to bright lights for too long, which is why it’s a great idea to add them to areas throughout your home.

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