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The 5 Most Common Issues Locksmiths Get Called For

The 5 Most Common Issues Locksmiths Get Called For

Dibs Service ManLocksmiths offer versatile services that usually relate to installing and maintaining different types of lock mechanisms and systems ranging from standard locks to multifaceted electronic or biometric locks. There are many categories and each one requires specific locksmith skills and abilities.

The most common issues that require the help of locksmiths are divided into 4 categories. They are as follows:


Probably the most common type of services offered by a locksmith is in residential niche. A homeowner considers personal security and safety as a primary purpose in order to make sure that his/her house is completely safe from potential intruders. Most locksmiths acquire the knowledge and experience to suggest the most effective and advanced locks to secure home’s windows and doors. Apart from setting up new secure locking systems, residential locksmiths can also repair or replace the locks on older designed homes. Some additional services residential locksmiths get called for include installing at-home vaults or safes, key cutting service, installing locks on an outbuilding, as well as offering security advice.


Commercial properties require more advanced and secure methods of safety. Commercial locksmiths specialize in working on more complex projects such as big companies, government institutions, banks, etc. They also provide their services to schools, offices, as well as retail establishments. Another common issue a commercial locksmith gets called for is to install an alarm system in an industrial building which is a quite intricate practice that includes complex requirements such as having multiple access points, using key, biometric, or fingerprint based locks, providing different access levels for employees, as well as delivering effective security after-hours.


Automobile locksmiths are high in demand these days. An automobile locksmith specializes in fixing vehicle-related security issues. As compared to other locksmith niches, automobile locksmithing is an extremely difficult industry because there are tons of vehicle models, each having different locking mechanisms and systems. People often call an automobile locksmith when they get locked out of their cars, lose their car keys, or need to duplicate car key, etc.


Emergency locksmiths are available 24/7 and offer a call out service which they respond to quickly. Individuals call an emergency locksmith in situations such as finding themselves locked out of their house in the middle of the night. Their services also come in handy when a homeowner is a victim of burglary and wants the locks replaced at short notice.

Security Assessment

Locksmith don’t just deal with locks and keys these days; most of them specialize in installing and operating basic security features such as security cameras, keypads that can lock/unlock doors, and more. People call these locksmiths for the assessment of the security level of their homes or commercial buildings. These locksmiths check all entry points such as doors, windows, garages, etc. to see if they work properly. Furthermore, they also give advice on how to further improve the security system of your home or commercial property.

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