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5 Places to Not Hide Your House Key

5 Places to Not Hide Your House Key

5-places-not-hide-house-keyMost homeowners make the mistake of hiding the house key in the worst possible place when going out and are not really aware of the risk it presents. This article looks at 5 major places where hiding the house key is a mistake and can lead to a burglary.

Following are 5 places to not hide your house key:

1. Under Garden Rocks

Most people have a habit of hiding their house key under rocks or sometimes inside rocks – this is a mistake. Just because your key is inside a rock within your garden doesn’t mean it is invisible to an intruder or burglar. It is quite obvious that if a rock is not settled down on the floor then it’s probably hiding a key underneath it. In short, it can be very obvious to a passerby. There are fake rocks available in the market for this very purpose but they are not recommended because no matter how real they look; they are still obvious to the naked eye when placed with other real rocks.

2. In Your Wallet

Putting your front door key in your wallet as a ‘safe place’ when heading out is an act done by many homeowners. You might think that it is the safest place for your house key, but it isn’t. You don’t want to lose your wallet as well as your house keys in one quick moment. Furthermore, if you lose your wallet, a burglar might get a potential road map to your home address. Most individuals have credit cards, debit cards, driver’s licenses, etc. in their wallet and they all link to their house. And if a house key is along with them, then the job of a burglar becomes a lot easier as they can find your property and rob it before you even realize you have lost your wallet.

3. In or Under Flower Pots

Flower pots, vegetation hiding spots, and plant pots are another obvious hiding place for house keys. Similar to the idea of hiding the keys under your garden rocks, this is also a common target spot for thieves to check for spare keys because a lot of homeowners tend to leave them there.

4. On Top of the Door Frame

This is probably one of the first places burglars might think of finding a house key. Not only is the hiding of your spare key on top of the door frame visible, it is also pretty easy to grab quickly. There is nothing secure about hiding your key there.

5. Under The Doormat

Hiding the house key under the doormat has been a very old practice of homeowners and it will probably still be done by homeowners for many years to come. However, it doesn’t mean that it is the best possible idea. It is one of those places a burglar will look to find a key. Hence, it is highly recommended that you avoid placing your house key under the doormat.

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