5 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have CCTV Video Surveillance

5 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have CCTV Video Surveillance

Reasons Why You Need CCTV Video SurveillanceIn addition to making our lives comfortable and easier, advancements in technology have also helped us in improving security and safety. Gadgets that ensure safety are extremely important these days due to increasing rates of crimes,particularly burglary and theft. CCTV Video surveillance systems are one of the best inventions of technology that help ensure safety at home.

Following are 5 reasons why every home should have CCTV video surveillance:

1. Preventing Home Invasions

This is probably one of the most vital roles of video surveillance. CCTV video surveillance allows you to identify people who are on your property or at your front door prior to entering your home. By having a well-placed CCTV camera in a dark corner or simply above your front door will let you see exactly who is at your front door and what their intentions are. This greatly reduces the threat of home invasion because you can notify the authorities if a suspicious individual is waiting at your front door.

2. Discouraging Criminals and Vandals

CCTV video surveillance is an outstanding way for homeowners to discourage criminals from carrying out their plans. Thieves and burglars usually observe a property before breaking in it. If they see a surveillance camera positioned around your home, then the odds are high that they will simply move along to another home which is not well-protected. CCTV cameras are also useful for preventing vandals from damaging your property.

3. Monitoring the Children

There may be various hazards around the house that can be dangerous to children. Most adults simply cannot monitor their children continuously throughout the day, and sometimes, children can go astray where they cannot be supervised. Unfortunately, a tragedy can strike in an instant, therefore placing a CCTV video surveillance camera in a proper position can be a lifesaver as it would help monitor your child constantly.

4. Monitoring Property Remotely

With CCTV video surveillance system in place, you can remotely monitor your home or your belongings when you are not around in person to do so yourself. The ability to remotely monitor the home gives a great sense of comfort and security. With CCTV security camera, you can rest easy knowing that you would be able to keep an eye on your home whenever you like or be alerted to trouble as it is happening so you can call authorities to protect your home and your precious belongings.

5. Peace of Mind

The deterrence factors as well as added protection of a CCTV surveillance system can give you peace of mind knowing that your home and family are safe. Because of their 24/7 surveillance and monitoring, you do not have to worry about your home and your loved ones while away.
In conclusion, home CCTV can be quite beneficial – but make sure you follow certain rules before you set it up. Prioritize basic security like lighting and locks, don’t film beyond your home’s boundaries unless there’s a good reason behind it, and definitely don’t film other people’s homes.

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