5 Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for All Your Keys and Locks

5 Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for All Your Keys and Locks

5-spring-cleaning-and-maintenance-tips-for-all-your-keys-and-locksSpring cleaning is all about decluttering and purging. During spring cleaning, you clean the garage, attic, closets, etc. Apart from everything else, you shouldn’t forget about your keys and locks. The safety and security of your home should be at the forefront of your mind, particularly when you are cleaning your entire home.

Following are 5 spring cleaning and maintenance tips for all your keys and locks:

1. Cleaning

External maintenance for keys and locks is quite easy. All you need to do is simply use a mild detergent to clean them. It is recommended that you use a damp rag. Use the mild detergent soap water or a damp piece of cloth to clean the outer side of the door handle and the lock. Do not use any abrasive chemical cleaner because it will do more harm than good. You should also avoid petroleum-based products for cleaning.

2. Lubrication

Lubricating locks is one of the most overlooked but important maintenance factors that you should take care of during your spring cleaning. Avoid using petroleum-based products for lubrication. Graphite lubricants are an ideal choice. You can also use other dry lubricants as they are easier to apply. To lubricate, spray a small amount of lubricant into the keyhole. After that, repeatedly run the key in and out of the lock and wipe any debris from the key each time.

3. Open and Close Test

While you are cleaning and lubricating the locks, it would be a good idea to test them by opening and closing them and verify whether they are working as expected. Tighten the locks if they are loose. Replace them if it’s necessary.

4. Secure Your Windows

Your spring cleaning will definitely take place around your garden and outdoors as well. When performing cleaning tasks outdoors, why not take the time to assess the security of your windows? Windows are one of the main entry points of thieves and are considered one of the least protected areas of the home. That’s why it is recommended that you strengthen them during your spring cleaning. To make sure that all your windows are effectively protected, take proper care of window locks. Replace the locks if required. It is also recommended that you place the locks somewhere in the middle of the window frame to ensure maximum security.

5. Install Additional Locks

Many homeowners use spring cleaning as an opportunity to increase the security of their homes. You should do the same as well. Add additional locks to your doors and windows, especially if they are located in a more private spot or if they would be easy for a thief to reach. These are the entrances that are most attractive for lock snapping or lock picking, so it would be wise to install additional locks. As for external doors, you can add additional bolts at the bottom or at the top of the door to boost the security of your house considerably.

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