5 Tips to Never Losing Your Keys Again

5 Tips to Never Losing Your Keys Again

One of the worst feelings in life is when you lose something important. It can make your entire stomach knot up just thinking about it. While there is a whole list of things we would definitely not want to lose, one of the highest on the list is our keys. However, if you adapt the way you live on a day to day basis, you can reduce the likelihood of that happening.

1. Create a designated spot for your keys, wallet, etc. in your house.

While some families prefer to use something like a shelf, or a set of key hooks, you can also use a stylish bowl to hold all of your commonly accessed items like your wallet and keys. This is really great for big families too, because everyone’s keys are in one place.

2. Keep your keys in your pocket if possible.

never lose your keys again by Dibs Safe and Lock San BernardinoPersonally, I keep my keys in my pocket. I’ve been doing this for so long that something will feel off if I don’t have my keys with me. If this option doesn’t feel practical to you, you can also try to get in the habit of checking to see if you have your keys before you leave places like restaurants and bars. A keychain that connects to your belt loop or bag is also really helpful for this, so that you don’t have to go searching at the bottom of your purse each time you look for them.

3. Make extra copies of your keys.

While it doesn’t solve the problem of losing your keys, it’s never a bad idea to have a few extra copies of your house key just in case you lose one. Ultimately, you should try not to leave a lot of different keys all on one ring, because if you lose one, you lose them all. Many places can be utilized to hide house keys, but one of the best places is simply keeping an extra key in your car and keeping your car keys and house keys separate. It might be a nuisance, but you will never be completely locked out.

4. Buy an electronic item tracker.

Many new devices are being made especially for this purpose. For example, you can purchase a device that goes on your keyring and allows you to locate your keys by using an app on your phone. Electronic locating devices like this should probably be used last, however, as it costs a lot for such a small device. Many people find it extremely useful though.

5. If your keys are seemingly gone forever, it may be time to call a locksmith.

You can always choose to have a new key made, or go the better route and have your locks replaced. Having your locks replaced is especially smart after losing your keys because you will have a peace of mind that no one can get in your house. Having your house get new locks is also good if your locks were getting old, or sticky.

While it will happen to all of us eventually, you can make it a lot less likely with these tips. Most of the time you can avoid losing them simply by getting in the habit of small things like checking for them and keeping them in one spot.

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