5 Types of Door Locks That Are Great for Businesses

5 Types of Door Locks That Are Great for Businesses

5-types-of-door-locks-that-are-great-for-businessesCommercial locks are commonly used in all kinds of businesses; small companies to large organizations all use some kind of commercial locks to keep their business environment secure. It is a good investment as it can help a business keep their valuables such as electronics, cash, sensitive data etc. safe. The type of the lock depends on how strong of security you want the lock to provide.  For example, most businesses (especially that are located in an area with high crime rates) use deadbolt locks to keep their valuables secure as it provides more security than most other locks.

Following are 5 types of door locks that are great for businesses:

1. Exit Control

An exit control lock is one of the most popular types of locks used by businesses. However, you need to follow some regulations if you are to install this lock in your workspace. If you want something more durable, then it is recommended that you go with cast aluminum housing so that it is attack and corrosion resistant. Battery powered, these locks are quite easy to install.

2. Electric

Electric locks are also very common these days. They work similar to other types of locks; however, they are not manually applied. The whole mechanism of locking/unlocking is run through electronics. Usually, these locks are opened and closed via a code or a key. Electric locks can’t be picked using lock picking tools and they are also nearly unbreakable by brute force. In order to force your entry through electric locks, you would have to rewire the system as these locks are wired electronically. Because of this reason, they are very secure.

3. Alarm Rim Locks

Alarm rim locks are easy to install and most of its types are designed as waterproof and exceed the code safety requirements. To protect the internal hardware, electronic, and battery, these locks are usually housed in a tamper-resistant casing. Furthermore, these locks are equipped with visual and audible alarms up to 100 decibels.

4. Card Reader

A card reader is another type of door lock commonly used by businesses these days. It comes with an upscale and sleek design and is quite convenient to use. Card reader locks are usually equipped with an alarm and a LED for indicating the accepted access. Some card reader locks require cards to be swiped while others require the cards to be touched in order to get unlocked.

5. Fingerprint/Biometric

Biometric or fingerprint locks are very popular and being used by many businesses these days. You don’t need any key to use these locks, so there is no hassle about losing the key. A fingerprint lock is automatically turned on when you place your finger on the sensor. High-tech fingerprint locks provide even more reliable security. These locks can sense the fingerprint and contain a database of the fingerprints that are authorized and have access to the room. Mostly, they are able to store up to 100 fingerprints. These types of locks are relatively expensive and are used in areas where a very high level of security is needed.

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