5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Lock Yourself Out of Your Home

5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Lock Yourself Out of Your Home

5-ways-make-sure-dont-lock-homeLocking yourself out of your home is one unfortunate thing that happens to many people from time to time, and they are either forced to break the door or window or get a locksmith so as to gain access back into their house.   It is good to take preventive measures before you get locked outside and avoid stress and inconvenience that comes with it. Some of the best ways to ensure that you don’t lock yourself outside your home include:

1. Always have your keys before leaving

Before leaving the house and locking the door, make sure you have picked up your keys and then secure them safely in your purse or pocket when not in your vehicle’s ignition. Making this a habit eventually makes it a routine, and you will not leave your keys behind.  When you get into the house, make sure that you have a designated place that you put the keys and can easily pick them when walking out.  If you have left something behind and you have to run back into the house, don’t place the keys down, rather carry them with you in your hand or pocket.

2. Have a spare key

Your main key may get lost, or you may leave it behind and not be able to get it sooner, so it is best you have a spare key near your home.  Give a duplicate key to a trusted friend or neighbor in case of such emergencies. You may also keep a duplicate key in your car and keep it separate from your car key and make sure that it is well-hidden in the car just in case someone breaks into your car.

3. Install smart locks

Smart locks don’t require you to have a key, rather you operate them by use of your mobile phone or input a code.  A qualified locksmith installs them, and the code has to be keyed in which will allow you to gain access to the house.  Others are fingerprint locks and eye scan locks, and they also eliminate the need for having a key.  It is important to get a lock that will alert you when the battery is going low so that you don’t get locked outside and you don’t have the manual key mechanism to help you out.

4. Get a lock box

This is a place that you can hide the spare key instead of the familiar places and get access to your home if you have been locked outside. The lock box has a unique combination code where you have to put in a code for it to open and access the key.  Some people do hide the lock box while others will place it in the open, but all are safe because nobody can open if they don’t have the access code.

5. Replace bad locks

Any bad lock may cause you problems such as not locking themselves or they don’t open even when you use the right key.  This will be stressful because you will not even use the spare, so it is important to have any bad lock replaced immediately.  Check all locks from time to time and get a locksmith to replace whichever doesn’t work properly.

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