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6 Things In Your Home That You Should Be Keeping Locked

6 Things In Your Home That You Should Be Keeping Locked

While it may be tempting to leave some valuable things in easy to access places, you have to remember that anyone trying to steal your stuff would find it incredibly easy to access it as well. That’s why some of our most valuable things are best kept in a safe, lockbox, or other lockable container.

1. Passports, Social Security cards, and any original birth certificates.

It’s extremely easy to simply stuff our passports into the drawer in our home with all of the rest of our papers, however, more often than not, this is a perfect way to lose your passport. This applies to Social Security cards and birth certificates as well. To make them both extremely easy to access and even easier to remember the location of, you should always keep important documents like these in a safe or lockbox.

2. Keys that you don’t use often.

protect your valuables san bernardinoThe junk drawer is something that seems to swallow keys too, which is why keeping keys for things like a storage unit in one place is a great idea. This also works for the spare keys to any vehicles you might have. Due to the fact that you won’t be using these keys much, they won’t take up room on your key ring and they surely won’t get lost.

3. Expensive or important jewelry.

We all have at least one piece of jewelry that is extremely important to us. Whether it’s the expensive watch you got for your birthday, or simply a necklace your grandmother gave you, these pieces of jewelry are far too important to potentially lose or leave out in the open for someone to take.

4. Important backed up data.

Whether it be financial records, home videos, or anything in between, your data is extremely important. While hard drives can easily be taken, lost, or overwritten if you leave them in the open, leaving them locked up will keep exactly the files you want on your hard drives.

5. Old or original family photos.

One of the most devastating things about a house fire, flood, or other natural disaster is the fact that it takes all of your physical memories like little crafts and photos will simply get destroyed unless they were specifically stored in a natural disaster proof container. Most lock boxes and safes work perfectly for this exact function, and will keep all of your most important memories safe.

6. Collectible coins, precious metals, or large amounts of cash.

One of the most obvious things that you would want to keep locked up are your items that are extremely valuable. Gold, silver, antique coins, cash, etc. should all be stored inside a safe to prevent theft, since these will commonly be the first items to be taken by a burglar.

While it may take a bit longer to access these items, you might find that keeping them protected actually makes them easier for you to remember their location as well. On top of that, you will always feel safer when you have the most important things in your life protected from fire, water, and intruders.

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