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6 Ways to Deal with Unwanted Sales People That Come to Your Door

6 Ways to Deal with Unwanted Sales People That Come to Your Door5-Ways-To-Deal-With-Unwanted-Sales-People-That-Come-To-Your-Door

You have probably been annoyed from time-to-time by sales people coming to your door – selling magazines, soliciting employment, Girl Scout cookies, chocolates for the high school football team, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t simply set steel traps for such unwanted individuals, in hopes of catching them and releasing them into the wild, however you can discourage them or deal with them in some specific ways to decrease the frequency of visits to your door.

Following are 5 ways to deal with unwanted sales people that come to your door:

1. Only Open Your Door if You Want To

A doorbell or knock does not mean that somebody has the right to be answered at the door, particularly when you are alone and it’s a stranger ringing the bell. As offensive as it is, there are people that pose as salespeople to gain entry to the house.  If you think that it is a burglar knocking at your door, consider having a recording of a barking dog handy, or at least be obvious about your presence in the house. You don’t need to engage the caller or open the door if you don’t feel okay with it.

2. Signs

As a start, you can put up a sign that says “No Solicitation”.  However, there are some individuals who believe that it doesn’t apply to them.  So they give you some excuse about how they are just providing helpful information, and not actually soliciting anything.  In order to deal with such individuals, you may have to be more detailed with your sign with examples of what you are not interested in being approached about.  That will most likely lower the number of unwanted people knocking at your door.

3. Polite Refusal

Many sales people are reasonable so they understand when you say “Sorry, I’m not interested in your chocolate/vacuum cleaner/solar panels, etc.  Said firmly, with corresponding body language, should be enough to make them realize that you are not interested in their product and nothing they say will change your decision.

4. Firm Refusal

While some sales people are reasonable, others are the ones that just don’t take “No” for an answer. So if your polite refusal is not working, then it’s perfectly okay to repeat your refusal and firmly shut the door. Shutting your door in their face is sometimes what it takes to get them to go away and not come back.

5. Speaking to their Supervisor

If a salesperson is representing a particular product or service from a company, he/she may not be acting in the way their superiors would want them to. So, you can make a call or write an email to the company (and their supervisor if possible) and express the feeling that repeated harassment does not encourage you to purchase their product.

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