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7 Benefits of Programmable Car Keys

7 Benefits of Programmable Car Keys

1. You can unlock your car without having to put the key in the door.

This is obviously the biggest change. While with a traditional key you would have to take the key out, put it in the door, turn the key, and open the door. With a programmable key, you are able to simply unlock the car and open the door. You can even unlock your car while your hands are still in your pockets.

2. You may be able to start your car remotely.

automotive locksmith in san bernardinoOn some of the newer programmable keys, you are actually able to start up your car from a distance. This is great if you want to simply hop in and start driving, or even if you want to start warming up your car on a cold day without even stepping outside your house.

3. You can unlock all of the doors at the same time.

This one is especially great for when you have a group of people getting into your car, instead of getting in the driver’s seat and unlocking the doors, sometimes even each one manually in older cars, you can simply all enter the car at the same time. You will never have to leave your friends or family waiting outside of your car for you to unlock it from the inside again.

4. You can unlock your door faster, which makes it safer to go to your car.

A few studies have shown that muggers who target people in parking lots often wait for someone to start digging through their purse or right when they put their keys in the door, a moment where they are most vulnerable. With a programmable car key, you can simply unlock the car and get right in, without needing to stop to grab your keys. The less time you spend outside your car, the safer you are.

5. On top of that, remotely unlocking your car will turn on your cars headlights, giving you a lighted approached.

This will add comfort, especially when you are somewhere that is very dark. If you park in an alleyway, the lighted approach will not only let you know where your car is, but illuminate your surroundings, making you feel and actually be more safe.

6. A lot of them allow you to open the trunk as well.

This is great if you are trying to unlock your trunk without stopping to stick your key in the lock. Sometimes, we can be found carrying things that don’t allow us to turn keys, and a programmable key is perfect for that.

7. A programmable key can help you find your car in a crowded parking lot.

We have all been there, you parked somewhere, went into a restaurant or a store, and completely lost where you parked. In a crowded parking lot, it can sometimes feel impossible to find your car, especially if it is a smaller car. With a programmable key, you are able to lock and unlock your car, which on most cars will make your car honk.

If you have a vehicle equipped with a programmable key system, but have lost your key fob or it is no longer working, you might want to consider contacting a qualified locksmith for a replacement.  Many of these benefits also apply to residential programmable lock and key systems, which a reputable locksmith can also help with.

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