7 Important Reasons to Rekey Your Home or Business

7 Important Reasons to Rekey Your Home or Business

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It may seem like a chore. For whatever reason, you are thinking about the possibility of getting your house or place of business rekeyed. But why should you?

The most important reason you would ever want to rekey your property is to improve the security there. At first, you may think that there is no difference between your old keys and the new set of keys.


What are some reasons I might rekey my house or business?

1. You just purchased a new house.

This one cannot be stressed enough. Too often people will purchase a new home and not replace the locks directly after. Rekeying your new house should be one of the first things you do as soon as you move into any house.


2. Having a spare key never be returned.

If you let a friend or neighbor borrow a spare key and it never gets given back to you, you will want to have a locksmith rekey the house. Even if you trust the person, it never hurts to have a home quickly rekeyed.


3. After a divorce.

This is another one of the most common reasons a house might get rekeyed. Despite how you felt about your ex in the past, it is important to rekey the house to protect your possessions.


4. If you lose your keys.

Even if they end up getting returned by someone after, you have no idea what the person’s intentions are.


5. If a roommate moves out.

Once your roommate moves out, getting the locks changed is important. Even if he or she left on good terms, or even handed back the key you should still call a locksmith.


6. If an employee quits or is fired and never returns their keys.

This is especially true for an employee who was fired. They may keep the keys and use them for malicious or criminal purposes.


7. If the locks are hard to open.

This one has little to do with security, but instead with convenience. If you have locks that are old, or possibly even just broken, you should have them replaced. Hard to open locks can actually be easier for someone to open forcefully because the lock is not functioning correctly. You will feel a lot more confident about the security and integrity of your property when you lock your door and have a solid feeling that the door is locked.


There are many more reasons why you may want to seriously considering getting your property rekeyed. However, these are just some of the most common ones. Getting a reputable locksmith to rekey your property will give you an added sense of security and peace of mind, because you will know exactly how many keys you have and who has those keys. It can be almost like a clean slate if you had given out your keys to too many people, or lost one. Always assume that someone could possibly use the key against you, even if you trust them.

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