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It’s More Important Than Ever to Have Security Cameras at Your Home or Business for These 4 Reasons

It’s More Important Than Ever to Have Security Cameras at Your Home or Business for These 4 Reasons

its-more-important-than-ever-to-have-security-cameras-at-your-home-or-business-for-these-4-reasonsSecurity cameras have remained one of the most effective ways to deter criminal activity at home or at a business. Not only are security cameras an obvious deterrent, they are an invaluable commodity should a crime occur on your business or residential property, offering video evidence of exactly what occurred.

While crime rates are still at a 20-year low, that doesn’t mean the risks aren’t out there. Security remains an important endeavor for any home or business, and here’s 4 reasons why:

1. Protection from Break-Ins

Even though crime is down, there are still far too many break-ins occurring in the country. For example, there is a break-in almost every 13 seconds here in the US, so it’s far from uncommon!

So, whether protecting your home, business, or both, it helps to have security cameras installed. It’s one of the most effective deterrents when clearly displayed (burglars want nothing to do with security cameras), while it will provide evidence of what was stolen and who committed the crime should it ever occur.

2. Prevent Employee Theft

One of the lesser known risks of running your own business is internal theft. While we all hope our employees wouldn’t think to steal from the company, the sad truth is that it is very much prevalent throughout the country – it’s estimated US companies lost $50 billion from employee theft alone.

Therefore, any business without a network of security cameras is simply putting themselves at an unnecessary risk. Small businesses need to be especially vigilant, as these are the type of thefts that easily go unnoticed, whether it’s skimming the tills or stealing inventory. Cameras are the perfect deterrent for such activity, while you have evidence should the worst case occur.

3. Mobile Security

There has never been a better time to buy a security camera for your home or business than now. Why? Because technology makes it possible to monitor security cameras from virtually any location using a smartphone or laptop.

Most modern security camera systems feature mobile compatibility, meaning you can have access to a live feed 24/7 no matter where you might be. They also provide direct notifications to alert you to any potential threats – security has never been as easy!

The ability to check security cameras at your business premises from the comfort of home offers unrivaled peace of mind, and the same can be said when it comes to home security.

4. Cost Effective Solutions

Home and workplace security has never been cheaper. With improvements in technology, security cameras are much cheaper than they once were even though they have vastly improved. Granted, a full security system with bells and whistles may cost more than a basic security camera, but even then, it’ worth paying for.

Nothing compares to the financial and emotional hardship of being a victim of crime at home or your business, so the small amount needed for a security camera is always worth the investment. Plus, it’s easy enough to find a cost-effective security camera option!

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