Need New Door Locks for your Business Location? Here are Three Types of Entry Systems You Can Choose From

Need New Door Locks for your Business Location? Here are Three Types of Entry Systems You Can Choose From

business entry system optionsBuying new door locks is a great way to enhance the security of your business. While a traditional mechanical lock is still a good form of security, businesses often require different types of security solutions, with controlled access being one of the most common requirements for a commercial property.

Upgrading door locks can therefore provide a wide range of advantages for a business, but with so many options available it’s difficult to know what type of entry system provides the best solutions for your commercial needs.

Check out these three entry systems you can choose from:

Card Entry System

A popular type of electronic lock, card entry systems provide several benefits that make them a great investment for many businesses. Firstly, they remove the need for a physical key which is great should anyone lose the card, as you won’t need to get your locks changed as cards can be easily voided and replaced when lost.

Furthermore, they provide a fantastic type of controlled access. Cards are assigned to each employee, so you know exactly what time people use the door, while you can also give privileged access to certain doors, such as a manager’s office or stockroom.
Locks on card entry systems are also very robust and impossible to pick, as there is literally no part that can be tampered with like with a mechanical lock on a door.

Keypad Entry System

A keypad entry system is not unlike card entry systems, but typically more cost-effective while providing many of the same benefits.
For instance, as a keyless system a keypad offers more convenience, removing the need to constantly give out keys to employees – simply provide the pin number to those that need access.

These are also very powerful locks that make them reliable forms of security, and there are features that make them even more efficient. For example, you can schedule access control for predetermined times to avoid unwanted access out of business hours or at certain points of the day.

Also, keypads are a very durable type of system that should last years, if not decades, so they are certainly a worthwhile investment over the long-term.

Biometric Entry System

When it comes to a secure entry system, biometrics are by far the most effective method available, although they also tend to cost the most as well. These types of locks require a physical characteristic of the person given access, with retinal scans or fingerprints being some of the most commonly used.
This is one of the highest levels of security available from an access system, but may not be necessary for certain businesses, especially those seeking a more affordable type of door lock.

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