Stay Away from These Top 5 Very Insecure Types of Locks

Stay Away from These Top 5 Very Insecure Types of Locks

Stay Away from These Top 5 Very Insecure Types of LocksA lock that doesn’t protect your property is not only useless but also dangerous. Burglars often look for weaknesses in security. If there is lock on your front door with a known weakness, it becomes a prime target. That’s why staying away from insecure types of locks is highly recommended.

Here are top 5 very insecure types of locks you should stay away from:

1. 4-Wheel Padlocks

4-wheel padlocks are unlocked with a combination of inputs by rotating the 4 wheels, instead of using a key. The primary issue that makes 4-wheel padlocks insecure is that they can be decoded quite easily. It usually takes a small knife-like object to be placed on the sides of wheels, find a small gap in the wheel to snag the tool, and once it is done for all 4 wheels, you can move them together and ultimately get the right combination.

2. Thumb Turn Locks

Thumb turn locks are another insecure type of locks. Any lock no matter how incredibly difficult it is to pick becomes insecure if it includes the thumb turn. Thumb turn makes the lock easy to bypass. All it usually takes is the manipulation of the actuator. Anyone can buy the specialty tools to bypass these Euro-cylinders. So, it is recommended that you stay away from this type of locks.

3. U-Change Locks

In terms of security, U-Change locks are not very good. They only have five pins and they are easy to pick. There are several ways to pick U-Change locks. You can purchase a special U-Change bypass kit or use any key that fits into the lock to bypass it. The several ways to bypass this type of locks is an indication of how insecure it is. So, staying away from it is highly recommended.

4. Shutter Padlocks

Just like 4-wheel padlocks, shutter padlocks don’t have any inherent problems. However, this type of lock becomes insecure due to the internal mechanisms the lock manufacturer uses. You can manipulate the actuator and release the shackle by inserting a sharpened steel pick into it. The lock is even more insecure if the actuator is made of brass, which unfortunately it usually is. So, using a pick that is made of a sturdier material (e.g. steel) can move the actuator downward and when this happens, the shackle is propelled free by the preloaded spring in the lock body.

5. SmartKey Cylinder Locks

Locks that feature SmartKey Cylinder are not easy to pick. However, they are vulnerable to forced entry. Criminals only need a hammer, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, and a key blank. The blade of the key blank is forced deeper into the lock with the screwdriver. The screwdriver is then hammered into the keyway and turned with the help of pliers. Once it happens, the bolt retracts and the door is opened. Because of their insecurity, these types of locks are not recommended.

Now that you know about the various insecure types of locks, it is recommended that you do your research before installing one to secure your property. Your locksmith can help you choose the type of lock that best suits your security needs.


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