These 3 Types of Motion Sensor Lights Are a Great Addition to Your Home Security System

These 3 Types of Motion Sensor Lights Are a Great Addition to Your Home Security System

These 3 Types of Motion Sensor Lights Are a Great Addition to Your Home Security SystemMotion sensor lights are a great addition to any home security system. They are usually installed outside of the house. The flashing of the light during the nighttime is more than enough to keep the burglars away from your door. One of the biggest challenges most homeowners have to face when they want to install motion sensor lights for increased protection is choosing from the different types of motion sensor lights available on the market.

To make your decision to install motion sensor lights easier, following are 3 of the most common types of motion sensors lights along with their pros and cons:

1. Solar Powered Motion Detecting Lights
Solar powered motion detecting lights as the name suggests, harness the power of the sun to function. These lights are required to be charged via a solar panel in order to work. The primary benefit of these motion detecting lights is that they are very easy to install and there are no wires involved. Furthermore, there is no extra energy waste from frequent battery charges either. The main disadvantage of solar powered motion detecting lights is that they don’t work properly where sunlight is scarce. And of course, they cannot always be counted on to properly function throughout the whole night.

2. Battery Powered Motion Activated Lights
Another form of easy to install and wireless motion sensor lights are those that use batteries as their power source. Since they are easy to use and can be installed within minutes, battery powered motion activated lights are very popular. The best thing about these lights is that they will function properly even during cloudy weather. So, there is no need to fear the lack of security during cloudy months or rainy season. The primary disadvantage of these type of motion sensor lights is that their batteries require frequent charging. Furthermore, the lights aren’t as bright when the batteries start to run out of juice.

3. Electric (Wire) Powered Motion Detecting Lights
Electric powered motion detecting lights are probably the most difficult to install. However, they are very reliable. They will provide light and security as long as you have electricity. The wiring may require the help of professional installation but this is a small price to pay for additional security. Since these lights consume electricity, you can expect a slight increase in energy bills. However, LED lights are well-known for their high efficiency in both providing brighter lights and energy-saving capabilities. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the frequent battery charges or the lack of sunlight.

There are many types of motion sensor lights to choose from. They are all great when it comes to increasing the effectiveness of your home security system. The best one is the one you are comfortable using. Whatever you choose, the motion sensor lights will give your home the added security and protection it needs to keep strangers and prowlers at bay.

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