What Makes A High Quality Safe So Durable and Secure?

What Makes A High Quality Safe So Durable and Secure?

What Makes A High Quality Safe So Durable and SecureA high quality safe is one of the best lines of defense against home theft. Not only that, they work to protect valuable belongings against fire or water damage, making them a very worthwhile investment for those looking to keep personal items safe and secure. With the right type of safe, your belongings can be protected against theft and damage for as long as you need them too, although not all safes are created equal.

Due to the high demand for home safes, some are made without the care and consideration as premium quality safes. Yes, they can offer a degree of protection against theft or damage from the elements, but this isn’t always a guarantee. As the last thing anyone wants when buying a safe is to discover it’s not as durable and secure as they hoped, it is important to know what features separate high-quality safes from the average.


The most obvious thing that makes a high quality safe so durable and secure is the materials they are built from. All safes are made from metal, typically steel, but there are measures that can be taken to further enhance their durability and security.

Composite safes are a great example of this. Unlike most domestic safes that feature just a double layer of metal materials for protection, composite safes fill the area between the metal layers with a composite material (such as concrete) to enhance its durability and protection.

Doing so offers far better protection against fire and theft, with quality composite safes often marketed as fire and burglar safes. So, while metal safes always offer a degree of protection, those made from composite materials usually offer better durability and protection, especially against fire and break-in attempts.

Lock Type

Another feature that makes a safe highly durably and secure is the type of lock used. Now, many safes feature just a single type of lock, such as a mechanical or electronic lock, both of which offer a good amount of protection from theft.

However, those that utilize more than one style of lock are almost always more secure. For example, a redundant lock uses two styles of lock on the one safe, making it far more difficult to crack and significantly improving its security.


It sounds simple but is no less true – the thicker the safe the better. This is especially true for gun safes, which are often made with thinner materials despite them being a massive target for burglars, making them much easier to break into.

Thicker steel on a safe provides a much bigger challenge for thieves and offers improved protection against water or fire, which can permanently ruin a firearm. Not all thick safes are fire proofed however, so always be sure to check this before buying.

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