You Have Valuables in a Safe, So Make Sure Your Whole Safe Doesn’t Get Stolen with These 4 Tips

You Have Valuables in a Safe, So Make Sure Your Whole Safe Doesn’t Get Stolen with These 4 Tips

you-have-valuables-in-a-safe-so-make-sure-your-whole-safe-doesnt-get-stolen-with-these-4-tipsProtecting your valuable belongings from theft is a top priority of every homeowner. That’s where safes come into the picture. Solid and sturdy, safes keep your valuable items from getting stolen as well as protecting them from other accidents. But simply buying a safe and putting your possessions in it is not enough. You will need to take some additional precautions to further increase the security because an entire safe can also be stolen.

Following are 4 tips that will help you protect your safe from getting stolen:

1. Bolt it Down

While having a sturdy safe does provide you with the feeling of protection for your valuable belongings, you shouldn’t just rely on that. Many thieves simply steal the entire safe. That’s why it is recommended that you anchor it in place so that the safe is further strengthened. A safe that is bolted to the ground is considerably harder to crack. If it is firmly fixed, burglars won’t be able to dislocate it. If you are not sure how to do it, then consider hiring the help of a professional. It is also recommended that you remove the tools once the safe is bolted, so that the burglars won’t be able to use them.

2. Place it in a Smart Location

Strategic placement of the safe is also essential. Not only will it serve as an interior décor of your house, it will also be useful for security purposes. You shouldn’t place it in the basement because it will be prone to damage.  The garage in your house is usually easily accessible as well. Therefore, think before putting your safe in a specific location in your house. Placing it in your bedroom is a good idea. If you are having difficulty, then hire the help of a professional to figure it out. A security expert will advise you on the location of safe that will be strategically best for the security.

3. Add Security Cameras Near the Safe

It is also a good idea to place security cameras near the location of the safe. In this way, you will be able to see whoever goes near the safe. It will give you peace of mind and also enhance the security in the process. Many security experts recommend this.

4. Professional Installation

Professional installation of the safe also plays an important role in increasing its security and will help prevent it from getting stolen. Don’t just get any locksmith to install your safe, it is recommended that you hire the one that specializes in this service. Some professionals are sought after by jewelers, firearms retailers, and banks for this specific service. So you should find a professional of that level of experience. It will come at a little higher price, but it’s definitely worth it.

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