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Your Two Choices of How to Handle Losing Your Only Key

Your Two Choices of How to Handle Losing Your Only Key

your-two-choices-of-how-to-handle-losing-your-only-keyThere are fewer things stressful in life than losing your only set of keys. Whether for your car, house, or work, keys are an essential component of our modern lives, so losing the only set we have can turn into a real nightmare.

Unfortunately, almost everyone loses a key at some point in their life, with some being unlucky enough to lose their only copy. Given the security risks of losing a key – not to mention the hassle of being locked out – it’s important to react quickly once you realize you have lost them, and there are a few choices you can make.

Call a Locksmith to Unlock Your Door

The first thing you likely need to do is to get back into your house. To do this, you will need the services of a locksmith, unless you can get in through an open window. You have a few options when it comes to hiring locksmiths, although it mostly depends on the time you get locked out at.

For example, losing your only house key on a night out means you won’t be able to call most locksmiths, so you’ll need a 24/7 emergency locksmith. Rates for this vary from location to location, but expect to pay a little more than you would for a locksmith coming out during regular working hours.

They should be able to pick your lock without much problem, after which you have a few options for dealing with your locks.

Option 1 – Rekey the Locks

This is a much cheaper alternative to a full replacement. The locksmith simply rearranges the pins on your current lock to ensure that the old key doesn’t work in it any more. After this, you get as many replacement keys as you need, although you will likely be charged per key.

Remember, without a key the locksmith will need to pick to lock to be able to change the pin arrangement, so you’ll need to get a locksmith to come to deal with it. But, as a quick and easy procedure, it remains your cheapest option if you lose your only house key.

Option 2 – Replace the Locks

As the name suggests, replacing locks involves having the locksmith remove the old locks compatible with the lost key and completely replacing them. It’s probably going to cost a fair bit more than rekeying, although some cases it can be cheaper.

Therefore, it’s important to weigh up your options and see which one makes sense financially. Also, you may want to consider replacement locks if you are concerned about security. While unlikely that lost keys are used to gain entry to a home, just losing keys can make you reconsider how secure your locks are.

If you want to upgrade to more secure locks to be extra secure going forward, then a replacement lock is certainly the best choice.

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