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4 Reasons to Consider Adding Keyless Locks at Your Business

4 Reasons to Consider Adding Keyless Locks at Your Business

4 Reasons to Consider Adding Keyless Locks at Your Business A commercial keyless lock system is used by various companies, allowing them to provide access to their property using a keypad, fob, card, or possibly even a smartphone application. This provides a wide range of benefits for a business, allowing them to expand their security measures in a way that is not possible with a traditional mechanical lock system.

In fact, adding keyless locks at your business could improve its security in various ways, giving you the peace of mind that things are safer and more secure than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at 4 reasons to consider adding keyless locks at your business:

Easy Controlled Access
Controlling access to parts of your building can be difficult when only using keys, especially when various keys are used to access different areas. With a keyless system in place, you can easily adjust who as access to the building at any time.

Moreover, you can customize the settings to accommodate different levels of accessibility. For example, full time employees can have access to most areas, while a visiting inspector can be given complete access but only for a set number of days or hours.

When lots of people come and go from your business, it helps to have a flexible system for controlled access, which is precisely what keyless locks offer.

No More Key-Related Problems
Nothing is more frustrating for a business owner than dealing with key-related issues. From lost keys to broken locks, various issues can occur with mechanical locks that require time-consuming solutions, namely waiting for a locksmith to come and fix the problem.

These problems become a thing of the past with a keyless lock system. You don’t need to worry about lost keys, stolen keys, cutting new keys or any similar problems! Instead, you can use keycodes, fobs, or cards, and even if these are lost you can simply delete them from the system or change the passcode.

Improved Security
Adding keyless locks always improves security in your business, giving plenty of incentive to invest, as your business will have valuable assets you wish to keep safe.

For instance, keyless locks can’t be picked, meaning you are already eliminating one of the biggest security risks of mechanical locks, while they are also much harder to force open. If any security concerns happen, you simply change the code as needed, which is especially useful at preventing former employees from trying to regain access after leaving.

Track Employees
Internal theft remains a massive threat for any business owner, so by implementing keyless locks you are better prepared against this problem as you can now track all employee movement throughout the building.

Employees are allocated keys, cards, or a code that can be easily monitored, letting you know exactly who leaves and enters each room. Should there be an internal issue, you can easily reference timestamps to see who was accessing what area and at what time.


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