9 Things You Should Never Forget to Take Out of Your Car

9 Things You Should Never Forget to Take Out of Your Car9 Things You Should Never Forget to Take Out of Your Car

When you are about to park and leave your car unattended, you need to keep in mind that there are a number of things that you should never forget to take out of your car, otherwise they will pose severe threats to you as well as your car itself; such as the quality of your health, explosions, fire hazard, etc.

Here are 9 things you should never forget to take out of your car:

1. Keys

When car thieves look for targets, there are certain things that get their attention such as vehicles parked on deserted, dark streets, unlocked doors, etc. But what really makes their heads turn is a glimpse of a key or key fob left inside a vehicle. Keys left in the car is one of the primary reasons for the growing number of auto thefts. So, you should never forget to take the keys out of your car and lock the doors when you are about to leave the vehicle unattended.

2. Medication

It’s not ideal to store your medications in the car, particularly if the weather is hot and humid. Most drugs lose their efficacy when exposed to increasing temperatures and weather elements.

3. Electronics

Leaving your smartphone/laptop and other electronic gadgets in your vehicle puts them at risk of overheating, condensation, and other problems. Electronic gadgets, especially those that run on lithium-ion batteries, should never be left in the car.

4. Money

Your city may be a safe place and all but that doesn’t mean you should leave cash, credit cards, or gift cards in your vehicle to tempt potential thieves.

5. Handbag

There could be a number of valuable things in your handbag so taking it out of your vehicle when leaving the vehicle unattended would be a smart idea.

6. Important Documents

Important documents such as your passport, vehicle title, private notes, etc. should never be left in a vehicle. This is because you step in and out of your vehicle frequently so there’s always a chance of those documents getting lost or dropped out when you are taking other stuff out from the same area of your car.

7. Food

Direct heat from sunlight could affect your food spoil rate. Not only can it cause your food to develop off-flavors, there is also a risk of photo-degradation which could change your food’s components, making it toxic. So, you should never forget to take it out of your car.

8. Plastic Bottles

Fragile plastic can be melted if kept in direct sunlight for a long time. Even the more durable water bottles shouldn’t be kept in a vehicle as their composition could be altered and transformed into a more toxic substance which is never good for your health.

9. Anything Stored Under Pressure

This includes aerosols and soft drinks as well as beer, lighters, and even some pens. While these things are less likely to explode on a hot day, the extra pressure due to high temperature may make the container weak, particularly if the container is made of plastic, and it may burst at a later time when you least expect it.

There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t leave in your vehicle. It’s common sense to never leave kids or pets in your car in extreme weather conditions. If you do this, you will pay the unfortunate cost for your actions.

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