Don’t Expect a Locksmith Company to Do These 3 Things

Don’t Expect a Locksmith Company to Do These 3 Things

Don’t Expect a Locksmith Company to Do These 3 ThingsLocksmiths offer a variety of services, ranging from cutting new and spare keys to providing emergency lock-picking for people that are locked outside their home or vehicle. Given that much of their work occurs in emergency situations, many locksmith companies operate 24/7 to help people that have unfortunately locked themselves out.

While not everyone needs to hire a locksmith, most are aware of the type of things that they can do if needed. But what about the things that a locksmith won’t do? There are a few misconceptions about what you can and can’t expect from a locksmith company!

So, to clarify for anyone that’s unsure, don’t expect a locksmith company to do these 3 things:

Unlock a Door Without Some Form of ID

Locksmiths have a unique job that involves getting people that are locked outside back into their house. But how does a locksmith know that the person actually lives there? After all, would it not be easy for a burglar to pretend that they’ve been locked out, call a locksmith and then get access to the house?

While this could be possible, locksmiths understand the importance of verifying who lives there. The simplest way of doing this is by requesting some form of identification. It could be a bank card, driver’s license, or anything that proves who you are.

That said, there are instances when people are locked outside without any ID. This is quite tricky as you cannot expect a locksmith to let you in without some type of ID. Basically, you’ll need to call someone that can vouch for your identify (such as neighbor or landlord) and then show the locksmith your ID once they get you back inside.

Break Your Door

Emergency locksmith services are a big part of the market, so a locksmith needs to be able to unlock any door they come across. There is an old industry saying that there is no such thing as an unpickable lock – just locks that haven’t been picked yet.
While there are certainly high-end security locks that are very difficult, if not seemingly impossible to pick, the truth is these won’t be found on your everyday house door or home safe. Locksmiths can and will unlock every type of door lock, so don’t expect them to ever break your door.

Now, there may be the odd exception to this rule, but it’s typically reserved for emergency situations. For instance, you’re locked out and have left a child or pet inside and need to get inside quickly. In these cases, a locksmith may decide to break the door at your request – but they could always unlock it should there be no emergency.

Instantly Unlock a Door

We understand that you want to get access to your home or car as quickly as possible. Losing a key and being locked out is a very stressful situation and a locksmith company will always try to have you back inside as quickly as they can.

Unfortunately, lock-picking can sometimes take longer than anticipated. Some issues can arise, locks can be extra stubborn, or there is a broken key inside the lock. This means that locks often take longer to unlock than you might think – on average it takes around ten minutes but sometimes it can be much longer!


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