What Makes Some Safes More Secure Than Others?

What Makes Some Safes More Secure Than Others?

What Makes Some Safes More Secure Than Others_ (1)Just like any product, some home safes are made better than others. It’s unsurprising given how popular safes have become, with it being an important addition to any modern home’s security system. Unfortunately, the increased demand for home safes has meant that many cheaper models are being made that simply do not have the same levels of security as others.

While an affordable safe is easier on the wallet, it’s not going to have the same quality construction as those produced from quality brands, with the lower price coming at the cost of essential features that make a safe very secure.

Let’s look at what makes some safes more secure than others:

Material Thickness

A safe’s material has a massive impact on its overall quality and secureness. For example, a high standard of steel is highly recommended for any good safe, preferably at least an 11 gauge rating, which works out at 1/8 of an inch thick.

Another method to rate the thickness is the safe rating. Those with a B rating have walls that are at least ½ inch thick and doors that are at least 1 inch, and this is generally viewed as a minimum rating for a good home security safe.

So, when the safe walls and safe door are made from thicker, quality metals like steel, the safe is going to be far more secure compared to those made from thinner materials.


Safe hinges play important role in the overall security and some are naturally going to better than others, so the quality of a safe can also be determined by this.

For instance, external hinges can offer better secure by including active bolts, meaning the door can’t be removed even when the hinges have been tampered with. Quality internal hinges can have their advantages too, most noticeably being highly resistant to prying, helping to increase security against an attempted break in.

Even the quality of the welding and metal used when making hinges can impact the overall security of a safe!

Fire Resistance

An often-overlooked aspect of a home safe is its ability to protect your personal belongings against a fire. Not only does a safe protect important documents, valuable antiques, and cherished heirlooms against theft but also a fire in your home!

Not all safes come with the same fire resistance ratings however, meaning they are less secure against damage from fire. In truth, even the best safes cannot protect against a fire for too long, although the top-rated products will last much longer than cheaper safes!

Warning System

The most secure safe won’t just protect against break ins and tampering, it will alert you whenever someone is attempting to do so. For example, many of the top safes are integrated to home security systems, so if anyone tries to break into the safe it will set off your security alarm.

Some of these systems can be quite advanced and will further increase the security of the safe, especially compared to those that don’t have such a system included.


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